About Us


Susan Kent is a Social Worker with over 25 years of experience in medical and mental health care.

Karen Monsen is a Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years experience in mental health care.

Susan and Karen are both daughters of WWII Veterans.  They are women that know exhaustion of caring for beloved aging parents. They know the challenges of downsizing a family home.  Little did they know when caring for their parents, they were on the road to becoming Senior Move Managers.


In 2009 - 2011, Susan assisted her father as he transitioned from living in his home, then into her home. As she worked a full time job and  also took care of her father, she never complained.  Susan researched how to get her father more help for his deteriorating health conditions.  Susan made arrangements for her father to be admitted into specialized care at a Veterans Nursing Home. He was well taken care of by staff.  He deserved it. He is a WWII hero.  He will always be remembered.

In 2012 - 2015, Karen managed her father’s care which included making the family home safe as he aged, ie, “age in place plan.”  She arranged to have a safety shower put into the bathroom which made life a bit easier.  He was well taken care of at home by his daughter, granddaughter, grandson, dedicated staff from Senior Services,  “Keep Your Vet at Home” program in conjunction with Elder Options, and in the last two weeks of life, Hospice.  He deserved these special services.  He is a WWII hero. He will always be remembered.

Susan and Karen are two professional women who have a personal interest in assisting elders.  They have many  years of experience working with elders and  families. Karen stated, she was very grateful for all the people who helped her when she took care of her parents.  They lived to be 94 and 98 years old young.  Now it is time, to help others make safe and smooth transitions.

In Memory of Raymond A. Monsen